Antica Valpolicella

A short distance from the centre of Fumane lies Val di Lena, a small jewel in the heart of Valpolicella Classica. Here, where nature has skillfully shaped the territory, man was able to grasp the richness of these lands. Thanks to the unique microclimate of this valley, it was possible to grow vineyards, olive groves and cherries that provide valuable fruit.

Here the passion for the Signorini family’s land was reborn thanks to a young farmer who retrieved the small family possessions and transformed what was once just a grandfather's passion for a farm that produces grapes and wine in a natural way, respecting both the environment and man.

The farm

Antica Valpolicella produces four classic wines (D.O.C.) on this land.

Antica Valpolicella means:

  • managing the fields in a respectful manner, without using herbicides or insecticides;
  • favouring biodiversity in the vineyard and avoiding the use of insecticides;
  • not irrigating and sacrificing quality for quantity;
  • producing wines naturally by highlighting the characteristics of the earth.

We produce classic Veronese wines through agricultural practices that are respectful of the environment and the people.

Antica Valpolicella is located in Fumane. You can visit the cellar and the fields where we cultivate the raw materials for our products. We would be happy to show you how we work, but please call first, as we might be in the fields or out and about!

Valpolicella Classico:

Name: Valpolicella Classico DOC
Region: Veneto
Varietal: 45%Corvina, 35%Corvinone, 15%Rondinella, 5%Molinara.
Alcohol grade: 12 - 12,5%
Service temperature: 18°- 20°


Vinification: The selected grapes are harvested and immediately pressed at the end of September. They under go fermentation and maceration for about 10-15 days at a controlled temperature and subsequently the wine is left to improve in steel tanks.
Colour, Bouquet, Taste: It is a very young and very fresh wine. The eye can go through its light ruby color and on the nose there are notes of sour red fruit, immediate taste of currants and pomegranate, followed by that of cherries, pleasant the delicate hints of spices. It is a light, balanced, fragrant and elegant wine.
Food pairings: si abbina perfettamente ad antipasti, primi piatti e affettati.
Gastronomical advice: Its harmonious bouquet, its freshness and flavor make this wine the perfect companion for pasta dishes, appetizers and sliced cured meat. Perfect at the beginning of your meal, from aperitif to first dish.
Total Acidity: g/l 5,3
Reducing sugars: g/l 1,3

Valpolicella Classico Superiore:

Name: Valpolicella Classico Superiore DOC
Region: Veneto
Varietal: 50%Corvina, 25%Corvinone, 15%Rondinella, 5%Molinara, 5%Oseleta.
Alcohol grade: 13,5 - 14%
Service temperature: 18°- 20°


Vinification: The selected grapes are pressed after over one month of storage, at the beginning of November. The grapes Gastronomicalthrough a process of fermentation and maceration of 15-20 days at a controlled temperature. Then they are put in oak barrels for 24-36 months.
Colour, Bouquet, Taste: It is nicely structured, supported by high alchol grade. The color is a strong ruby red, and the taste is well balanced. The scent is intense and reminds us of black cherry and red fruits. This is certainly a valpolicella with plenty of character, elegant, clean, fragrant.
Food pairings: Vino versatile che ben si adatta a tutte le portate.
Gastronomical advice: The harmonious bouquet, the fresh and dry taste make this wine a perfect companium through-out the whole meal.
Total Acidity: g/l 5,55
Reducing sugars: g/l 1,2


Name: Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC
Region: Veneto
Varietal: 50%Corvina, 25%Corvinone, 15%Rondinella, 5%Molinara, 5%Oseleta.
Alcohol grade: 14,5 - 15% Vol
Service temperature: 18°- 20°


Vinification: Selected grapes are pressed early in November after more than one month of drying in the loft. A fermentation and maceration process lasting about 15-20 days at controlled temperatures then takes place; in February, the wine is re-fermented 5-6 days over the marcs of amarone and is then left to mature in large oak barrels for 24 months.
Colour, Bouquet, Taste: This is a strong, full-bodied wine. Its deep ruby red colour is matched by very intense bouquet of red fruit conserved in spirits with agreeable hints of spices and a well-balanced taste. This is undoubtedly a ripasso wine with an impressive, distinct, tannic, clean and elegant character.
Food pairings: The harmonious bouquet, freshness and dry flavour make this ripasso a perfect wine for the whole meal. Particually suited to roasts and grilled t-bone steaks.
Gastronomical advice: stappare la bottiglia almeno un’ora prima di gustarla per esaltare aromi e sapori.
Total Acidity: g/l 6
Reducing sugars: g/l 2,3


Name: Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG
Region: Veneto
Varietal: 40%Corvina, 40%Corvinone, 10%Rondinella, 5%Molinara, 5%Oseleta.
Alcohol grade: 16 - 16,5% Vol
Service temperature: 18°- 20°


Vinification: The selected grapes have rested four months in a fruit bed dug in the tufa rock, where the natural process of lilting has come to an end. Between January and February the grapes have gone through a process of fermentation and maceration at a controlled temperature. After that follows a refining process of 36 months in oak barrel of 30 hl.
Colour, Bouquet, Taste: It is a well structured wine supported by a notable alcohol grade. It’s color is a brillant red ruby, its perfume reminds us of red ripe fruits under spirit, with spices, liquorice and pepper. The taste is velvety and warm, and senses are caressed by a rotund, well balanced and elegant wine.
Food pairings: Ottimo con brasati, stufati e formaggi stagionati, indicato anche come vino da meditazione.
Gastronomical advice: Excellent for stews, stracotto o brasato (roasted meat, stewed in red wine) and, in general, all dishes with higt aromatic persistence. We advise you to open the bottle some time before serving, and to let it rest at a cellar temperature.
Total Acidity: g/l 5,95
Reducing sugars: g/l 4,4


We offer you a fresh and natural breakfast with excellent products, such as: espresso or moka coffee, classical teas, exotic infusions from all over the world, fresh fruit juices, croissant, doughnut, fresh bread and any kind of jam; you can also have a continental breakfast... an awakening you won't forget! And when the sun shines on our beautiful valley, you can have your breakfast on the large terrace!

Where we are

The building is located in the heart of Valpolicella Valley, which is famous for its wine production: the most important wine cellars of the valley (Scriani, Allegrini, Cesari, Sartori, Monte dal Frà, Frapporti, Masi agricola, Tenute Ugolini, etc.) are close to us. You can easily reach us by bus (the busstop is few minutes far from B&B) or by train (railway station of Domegliara is only 6 km away); Verona's Valerio Catullo airport is only 20 km far from here (you can reach it quickly by orbital road), and Verona city and its railway station are also very near (19 km). Also Lake Garda (20 km), Lessinia Wildlife Park, to which Fumane district belongs (few minutes from here), Lake Garda's entertainment centers (Gardaland, Caneva, Movieland, etc. — 20 km), Riovalli Water Park (14 km), Affi's shopping centers (14 km), Terra dei Forti (14 km) and Negrar's hospital (10 km) are really close to us.
Via Lena di Sotto, 1
37022 Fumane (VR)

Niccolò Dama